Four Critical Reasons To Remove Your Underground Oil Tank

underground oil tank

July 13th, 2020

If your home uses an underground oil tank for heat, there are many reasons to remove it and install an above-ground tank. The primary one is to be in code compliance. Many local governments and neighborhood associations have assessed the health and environmental risks of underground tanks to be very high. Furthermore, many homeowners insurance companies do not insure homes with underground tanks, and if they do, they charge high premiums.

However, beyond those two, there are other important reasons for removing your underground tank and opting for an above-ground tank instead. Read on to learn about four of them.

Underground Tanks Are Older

Most of the tanks still buried underground are several decades old as the industry has moved to above-ground tanks. This means that not only is your underground tank at risk for the wear and tear of old age, but it also does not use the more advanced technologies available today. Newer tanks have better designs and materials that are more impervious to corrosion, so there is less risk for leaks and vapor intrusion.

Above-Ground Tanks Are Easier To Monitor

Underground tanks are difficult to monitor—one can leak for years before the homeowner finds out there’s a problem. Petroleum leak cleanup and remediation is extremely damaging and costly. Not to mention, leaks are a hazard to the environment and human health. Above-ground tanks are easy to do a site inspection on to detect the presence of leaks before they become massive problems.

Above-Ground Tanks Are Easier To Maintain

Keeping your above-ground tank in excellent condition is much easier compared with an underground tank. Maintenance experts can’t even reach underground tanks without excavation, so whenever there’s an issue, they have to dig up your property. Above-ground tanks also have much less risk of oil leaching into your soil and causing destruction to your lawn and plant life. Should there be a problem, accessing and repairing the tank is simple? Doing routine maintenance to keep it in great shape is equally hassle-free.

Homebuyers Do Not Want Underground Oil Tanks

If you are planning on selling your house in the near future or a few years down the line, you need to be prepared to remove your underground tank regardless of its condition. Most real estate agents will expect you to get rid of it before working with you. In those cases, they’ll tell you to deduct the cost of removal from your list price. Furthermore, if you keep the underground tank, potential homebuyers will pass on your home, not wanting the risks it comes with.

Removing an underground oil tank is not a simple process. It’s risky and requires heavy equipment, tools, and expertise to be done correctly. If you still have one, contact Meridian Environmental Services Inc. Our specialists will not only remove your existing hazardous tank but also install a new above-ground oil tank. Give us a call today, and we’ll walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have.