Four Signs Of An Underground Oil Tank Leak

countryside property with underground oil tank

December 18th, 2020

On average, an underground oil tank has a lifespan of 20 years. After that period, it begins to corrode and degrade. This can eventually cause the tank to leak.

If your tank is leaking, it is a serious environmental and health hazard. That is why it is important that if you have an underground oil tank, you know the signs of leakage to watch for. Should there be any issues, you can identify them immediately before your family becomes at risk. Here are four signs your underground oil tank could be leaking:

Your Heating Bill Is Going Up

Your heating bill is directly connected to the amount of oil you are using. If your heating bill suddenly spikes, it is because you are using more oil. If you have not increased the temperature of your thermostat and oil prices have stayed flat, you may have a leak.

When oil leaks out of your tank, it increases the amount of oil you consume because you are losing so much to the leak. If you notice that your heating bill has gone up for no reason, have your oil tank professionally checked for a leak.

You Can Smell Oil

Oil has a distinct smell and can be immediately recognized. If you are on your property, whether outside or inside, and notice the smell of oil, it is possible that you have a leak on your hands. In this case, it is especially crucial for a professional to come and inspect your oil tank as oil fumes are dangerous to your health. So call an expert the moment you or another family member smells oil within your property.

Your Groundwater Has A Sheen

If you notice that after it rains or when you water your lawn that the water has a sheen on it, you may have an oil leak. Oil leaks can produce a sheen on the surface of the water in your sump pump. It is good practice that whenever you have pooling water on your property, you check for a sheen on it. You want to look for a metallic rainbow to appear when the light hits the surface of the water.

There Are Stains Or Dead Patches In Your Yard

If your grass is starting to look unhealthy, it may because of an oil leak. Oil is toxic to vegetation, so any plants above and around an oil leak will most likely die. Major leaks can also lead to dark brown and black stains on your lawn. If you notice either of these signs, you need to speak to a professional immediately.

If you have noticed any of these four signs of an oil tank leak on your property, the expert team at Meridian Environmental Services Inc. can help. We will inspect your oil tank for any leakage. If we find any problems, we can remove and replace the tank as well as remediate the soil that was harmed by the leak. Call us anytime, and we will come out and assess the situation right away.