If You Need A Tank Removed From Your Commercial Property, We Have You Covered

oil tanks for a commercial property

October 23rd, 2020

Many commercial properties go through ownership changes at some point. Sometimes, business owners sell out after a period simply because they no longer have the drive to handle the daily grind. On other occasions, people run into tax problems with the IRS, and their commercial properties get sold out from under them.

The point is that many times, the new owner wants to transform the property into something else and no longer needs the things that are left behind. However, they can’t merely do so independently when it comes to some items. Instead, they have to hire contractors to handle the task, especially when the objects to be removed can harm humans, animals, or the environment.

For instance, homes are often equipped with oil tanks for heat. If they start to corrode and leak, a company like ours must come in to assess the situation, remove the containers, and thoroughly test the areas for contamination.

Yes, our business caters to residential property owners, but we can help with various commercial applications as well. Several of them will be discussed in the following sections, so interested parties should stick around and read on to learn more.

Gas Station Fuel Tanks

It is bad news when a gas station’s fuel tanks begin leaking underground. Gasoline leaks can affect soil, groundwater, surface water, and even indoor air spaces. The tanks can pose injury risks too. When they deteriorate, it is not uncommon for dirt to go missing. That can cause driveways to sink or holes to form in them. If a person slips, falls, or trips, they could break a leg or an arm, and the business owner could be held liable for the damages.

Whether you are keeping a gas station as is or transforming it into, say, a restaurant, allow us to remove the leaking tank before it causes you trouble in the long run.

Buried Oil Tanks At Hotels

As mentioned earlier, many houses have underground oil tanks for heat. However, they are not alone. Commercial properties such as hotels often have them as well in order to keep rooms nice and warm when the temperatures outside begin dropping. Leaving a leaking oil tank on its own can turn into a nightmare. It can land hotel owners in hot water with the EPA, and nobody wants to be there.

Don’t leave things to chance with a leaking oil tank. Instead, contact us to nip the problem in the bud.

Mechanic Shops With Hydraulic Lifts

A lot of mechanics have switched over to above-ground hydraulic lifts these days. However, if someone buys an older mechanic shop, they could find themselves owning an in-ground one. That can be somewhat tricky and challenging to remove when people go it alone, which they shouldn’t. They could get hurt or even killed while attempting DIY removal.

Don’t fret if you have an in-ground hydraulic lift. Rather, give us a call and let our team remove it safely for you.

Do you have an underground tank or a hydraulic lift that needs to be removed? If so, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with Meridian Environmental Services Inc.