How Rust Can Damage Your Oil Tank

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May 21st, 2021

Oil tanks are designed to be pretty impervious to the elements. However, oil tanks are made of metal and with long exposure to water, they can become damaged. Water is extremely corrosive and so it can degrade the metal of the tank. This leads to your tank developing rust. Rust causes a number of issues for heating oil tanks. So if you see your tank has rust, you should contact an oil tank specialist immediately to fix the issue.

What Causes An Oil Tank To Rust?

Oil tanks can develop rust both on the outside and the inside. Rust is caused by a buildup of water either inside the oil tank or outside of the oil tank. Water can also get into the oil tank from broken or loose fixtures. This water causes the sulfur inside the tank to become more acidic. This acidity eats away at the metal of the tank. The result is corrosion and rust.

How Does Rust Impact Oil Tanks?

Rust can cause a lot of problems for oil tanks. The biggest issue is that over time the corrosion will eat into the tank material and lead to a leak. Leaks are a financial and environmental disaster. Rust can also cause sludge which will make your oil tank less efficient and cost you more in utilities. Finally, rust can permanently damage the tank before its lifespan is over. This can lead to a costly removal and replacement.

How To Prevent An Oil Tank From Getting Rust

Corrosion is the most damaging thing that can happen to an oil tank. So it is very important that you tank preventative steps to avoid corrosion. The most important thing to do is to make sure no water or condensation enters the tank. This starts by working with a professional oil tank service to ensure that your tank is properly installed. Once installed, have your oil tank, fixtures, and pipes routinely inspected. An inspector will recognize the early signs of water buildup and you can repair the issue before it becomes a major problem.

What To Do If Your Oil Tank Has Rust

If your oil tank has already developed rust, you need to work with a professional oil tank service. They will begin by inspecting the full tank to find the source of the rust. They will need to repair the issue and recommend steps to prevent water buildup in the future. Finally, if the issues is so bad that it has caused a leak, they will handle the removal and replacement of the tank, as well as the remediation of the soil.

Rust can cause significant damage to your oil tank. However, the team at Meridian Environmental Services Inc. is here to help. From install to inspection to replacement, our team will ensure that your oil tank is safe and all the necessary steps are taken to prevent rust. To learn more, give us a call. We’ll be happy to answer any questions and help you develop a strategy to ensure your tank is in great working order.