Three Signs Of A Leaking Underground Tank To Watch For When Buying A New Home

signs of a leaking underground oil tank

May 7th, 2021

Purchasing a new house is a very exciting, but stressful process. You need to not only find a home that works for you and your family, but one that is safe. If you are looking at homes with an oil tank, it’s important to know the signs of an oil tank leak. Oil tanks are an excellent way to heat a home, but not all owners properly maintain their tanks. This can lead to tanks developing a leak. Oil tank leaks can create health risks, damage the environment, and cost a lot of money to repair. So when you are looking at a potential new home with an oil tank, here are the signs of an oil leak.

1. You Can Smell Oil

When you arrive on the property, take note of the smell of the air. If you smell oil, it may be a product of an oil tank leak. Oil tanks leaks can lead to vapor in the air. That vapor can linger and lead to the smell of oil. Although, there could also be the smell of oil if they’ve recently had the tank filled. So make sure to ask about the last time their tank was filled.

2. The Plants Above The Tank Are Dead

When you arrive at a house, ask the realtor where the underground oil tank is located. Go and inspect the grass in the area. If the plants above the tank are dead or dying, it’s a sure sign of a leak. Oil is very bad for plant life, so a leak will quickly kill all the vegetation. If you see there is dead grass, make sure that you do not purchase the house until the situation is remedied by the current owner.

3. There Are Stains On The Lawn

Another sign that can appear on a lawn from an oil tank leak is stains. Stains are usually dark brown or black. They can also be glossy or have a sheen when on wet grass. Stains can appear anywhere in the yard from an oil tank leak. So make sure to walk the full property and inspect for any spots.

Get A Professional Evaluation

If you spot an oil leak but still really want the property, contact a professional inspector. Furthermore, even if you do not spot any signs of an oil tank leak, it’s still a good idea to have an inspection. An inspector will inspect the property, the tank, and all the connectors. They will determine if there is a leak or not. If there is a leak, they will recommend corrective action the current owner can take to ensure the property is safe for purchase.

If you buy a home with an oil tank, it’s important to understand the maintenance required to prevent a leak. The team at Meridian Environmental Services Inc. can help. We can work with you to keep your new oil tank in excellent condition and will remedy any issues that come up. Give us a call to learn more!