What Are The Repercussions Of Soil Contamination

professional inspecting contaminated soil

December 19th, 2020

Oil tanks are most often made from steel, and when steel is exposed to the elements over time it will begin to break down and corrode. Corrosion leads to holes in the steel, which then allows oil to leak through. When this occurs, this is called soil contamination, which leads to a highly hazardous situation. Soil contamination must be fixed and remediated quickly, as this is the only way to alleviate the many repercussions that come along with contaminated soil.

The Top 5 Repercussions Of Soil Contamination

There are a number of consequences that come along with contaminated soil, but the top 5 repercussions of soil contamination are:

Human health hazards – Polluted soils can expose humans to hazardous materials and carcinogens, which one certainly does not want in or around their property. When crops are grown in polluted soil, the foods grown can be contaminated as well, allowing these toxins to make their way into your body.

Financial loss – Contaminated soil can come along with massive financial loss. Not only is the cleanup from contaminated soil expensive, but it can render crops unusable. If crops have been grown in contaminated soil, like on a farm, they will need to be thrown away to avoid a public health risk.

Water contamination – We should trust the water we drink, the water we cook with, and the water we use for bathing. With soil contamination, contaminants can make its way into wells and groundwater leaving you with a dangerous supply. Additionally, storm runoff can carry the contaminated soil into bodies of water and begin exposing local wildlife to contaminants as well.

Damage soil fertility – For those who work the soil for a living, soil fertility is important. When a leak occurs that leads to soil contamination, soil fertility can be extensively damaged. This can render a farm unusable for a number of years, creating a financial crisis situation that can be catastrophic.

Chain reaction effect – When soil is left contaminated, and those contaminants get into water supplies or contaminate crops, this creates a chain reaction effect. For instance, bees will lose their food source, fish will become contaminated and be eaten by local birds, and the contamination continues to spread. Contaminated soil can be devastating to local ecosystems of any area.

Contaminated Soil And What To Do

If you suspect contaminated soil, it’s important to notify professional soil remediation as quickly as possible. Without remediation, you could be putting the health of your entire area and ecosystem at risk, and you could potentially face legal action. Only the trained professionals in soil remediation should be trusted with soil contamination clean-up, like our professionals at Meridian Environmental Services Inc.

Any person who has an oil tank located on their property could be at risk for soil contamination as the steel holding the tank together begins to break down over time. Call us at Meridian Environmental Services Inc today if you’d like a soil inspection, tank inspection, or suspect contamination of any kind.