What Is Soil Remediation And Is It Necessary?

soil remediation and testing

October 9th, 2020

Soil remediation is a way to purify the soil. Through the soil remediation process, you are effectively removing contaminants to protect the health of the environment and those around you. It restores the soil to its natural and pollution-free state.

Soil remediation typically takes only one day to complete; however, it can take 7 to 10 days for the soil samples to come back and another two weeks to generate a full report.

The Need for Soil Remediation

Soil can be polluted in a number of different ways and when not addressed, can affect human life, living plants and animals, and living conditions. Most pollutants are contributed to sewage, waste, and accidental discharge of chemicals or by-products into the soil.

Understanding Soil Pollution

When there is soil pollution, there is a build-up of soil containing toxic chemicals, chemicals, salts, and other agents that can harm plant growth and health. Some of the more common chemicals known for soil pollution are petroleum hydrocarbons, heavy metals, pesticides, and solvents.

Knowing When There Is a Problem

So, how do you know if your soil is contaminated? The only surefire way to determine whether or not the soil is contaminated is by sampling the soil and getting it tested by a laboratory. The samples will show if there are dangerous levels of toxic chemicals present and will determine if soil remediation is going to be necessary.

If the Soil Is Contaminated

If you find that the soil is contaminated, you may need soil remediation services. Environmental specialists will analyze the situation. If needed, the soil is excavated and taken away. There may also be aeration of the soil or the introduction of heat for a thermal remediation process.

All contaminated soil will need to be disposed of at a state-approved recycling facility, so as not to contaminate any additional environmental areas. Each property is treated according to its needs and according to how contaminated the soil is.

Do You Need Tank Services?

Do you have an old oil tank on the property that might be in disrepair? Perhaps it needs to be removed. An old oil tank can ultimately begin to leak, which can contaminate the soil. Over time, oil tanks begin to corrode, which means you will need to replace or remove the tank.

However, oil tank removal should only be done by a professional, as well as the soil remediation process. An oil tank service company has specialized equipment to help them locate the oil tank and can effectively remove it.

To determine if your oil tank needs to be removed, an investigation and inspection will need to be carried out to determine its condition. This is also when an evaluation of the soil will be done as well.

Again, don’t wait until you notice there is a problem. Call in the oil tank removal and soil remediation specialists at Meridian Environmental Services Inc. for more information on what needs to be done.