Steps To Take When You Discover A Flooded Basement


There are various risks and unforeseen events associated with owning a home that must be prepared for. A heavy storm may have a devastating impact on your home, particularly your basement. Seeing your basement inundated with water may cause you to panic. Many homeowners are unsure what to do once this occurs. You may be wondering ‘should I enter my basement?’, ‘How do I clean up the mess?’, ‘Will this happen again?’, ‘Does my insurance cover situations like this?’. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, here are some steps you may take.

  • Ensure it is safe to enter.

Before rushing in to assess a flooded basement, ensure that it is safe to do so. The presence of electricity can be deadly if people act hastily. Don’t rush into a flooded basement. If the circuit breaker is not in the basement, turn off the electricity before entering. Water and electricity are not good companions. Be wary of large amounts of standing water, exposed wires, cracks, or peeling paint. If you can enter, wear protective gear such as rainboots and gloves.

  • Find the source of the basement flood

The source of the basement flood must be determined to solve the problem. A flood indicates that water is entering the basement from somewhere. If you can’t find the source, you can’t solve the problem. It’s best to wait until the rain stops if it’s caused by a natural disaster like a heavy rainstorm. If a water pipe bursts or a plumbing problem exists, locate the source immediately. You can then turn off the water source to prevent further damage.

  • Start removing the water

Before you begin to clear out the water, determine if your basement is safe to enter and locate the source of the flood. If there is a lot of water, you may need to use a submersible pump or wet vac to remove it. Once you have cleared most of the water, you may use mops, sponges, and towels to absorb any residual moisture. If you or your household can’t remove the water, you should get in touch with your local basement waterproofing or water damage restoration specialist immediately. They will have the ability to remove large amounts of water from your basement.

  • Dry the area

Make sure your basement is dried out thoroughly before using fans and dehumidifiers. Mold and mildew thrive in damp, moist environments. Make sure the site is dry to prevent this. You may also open windows and doors to allow fresh air to enter.

  • Sort your properties

Flooding usually damages a lot of things in basements, where people usually store their stuff. After the area has dried, you should assess your belongings to figure out which ones must be thrown away and which ones you can save. Non-washable items such as books and electronics, in addition to damp papers, should be evaluated and inspected to see if they can be salvaged. If you put wet paper in the refrigerator, you will not only prevent mildew from developing, but also have adequate time to deal with the papers.

  • Clean and disinfect the area

Remember, flooding will breed bacteria; therefore, disinfection is crucial. You can clean tough flooring surfaces, including tile, linoleum, or concrete, with one cup of bleach and a gallon of water. While cleaning the floor, make sure the room is ventilated and you wear protective gloves and eyewear. Disinfecting will minimise the likelihood of mould and mildew on your basement floor.

  • Call the experts for help

Some individuals may not be able to complete all of these listed, but the good news is that there are professionals who can assist you in assessing the situation and finding a solution. Dry Jersey water removal and damage repair services are always available.


After a flood, ensuring that your house is in excellent condition and prepared for future inundations is critical. You may also install a basement waterproofing system. However, speaking with a basement waterproofing specialist can help you pick the most appropriate strategy for preventing future floods. They may determine the most suitable precautions for waterproofing your basement based on your geographic location or house’s characteristics. With these experts, you will no longer be troubled by basement flooding difficulties.