What You Want To Know About Oil Tank Removal

underground oil tank in process of being removed

December 12th, 2020

Many homes and businesses across the country use oil tanks used to hold oil for their heating systems. Like any other object, these tanks will break down over time, and what happens when an oil tank breaks down? The oil that is held inside will begin to leak out, creating a dangerous contamination situation in the surrounding soil or groundwater. It’s important for property owners of any area to be proactive about their oil tank removal, and to know when it’s time to have their oil tank removed before a leak starts to take place.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oil Tank Removal

The best way to understand oil tank removal better is to have your questions answered. Some frequently asked questions about oil tank removal are:

How does an underground oil tank become a problem? – The steel tanks used to hold oil under the surface of the soil all have a finite lifespan. Rust doesn’t sleep, and it certainly doesn’t sleep in the presence of a large steel container. Rust leads to corrosion, and corrosion leads to holes forming in the body of the tank itself. When a hole forms, oil is then allowed to leak out and into the soil surrounding the tank.

Do I have an underground storage tank on my property? – In more than 80% of cases, there are telltale signs of a storage tank presence on a property. Typically, you’ll see a vent or filler pipe, or a disconnected oil pipe coming through a foundation wall. If you have recently purchased a property with signs of an oil tank, but you’re not sure if that tank has been inspected or removed, it may be time to call in the professionals to ensure your property remains safe.

What should I do if an oil tank is found? – If an oil tank is found on a property, it’s important to have that tank removed and inspected before checking the surrounding soil as well. If an old oil tank is found to have leaked into the soil, soil remediation must be performed to return the soil to good standing once again.

What if a soil test was already performed? – If you’re planning to purchase a property that once held an oil tank, make sure the soil of that property has already been tested. If it has, and the property owner can provide documentation of that testing, the property is likely safe to buy.

Who To Call For Oil Tank Removal

When you need an oil tank removal, an inspection, or a soil test on your property, these are jobs that should only be left to trained professionals. Any property that holds, or used to hold, and oil tank is worthy of tank or soil inspection, and remediation or removal if those following steps are necessary. If you’re interested in oil tank removal services, we’re just the professionals to call. Get in touch with us at Meridian Environmental Services Inc today.