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Mold Removal And Remediation Services

Mold removal and mold remediation work to allow property owners to get their spaces back after a mold presence has been detected. Mold removal in New Jersey with Meridian Environmental Services Inc. takes care of the source of the mold as well as stops the spreading of the mold through thorough and professional mold remediation practices. The removal of mold takes a trained eye and professional knowledge due to the tricky nature in which mold can spread. By opting for professional mold removal in New Jersey, your property can be saved from the damages of mold growth.

Mold Assessment, Mold Removal, and Mold Remediation

Meridian performs an in-depth property inspection for mold before any mold removal. This inspection process prior to the removal of mold may include air quality testing, wipe sample, swab, and surface samples to check for any toxic, elevated, or unusual microbial growth. Mold can occur after water damage or water intrusion; roof leaks, pipe leaks, water getting into your home or basement, flooding, and any other circumstance involving moisture may lead to mold growth. Once mold growth has set in, remediation of mold or removal of mold by a professional becomes necessary. Without professional removal of mold or remediation of mold, your property may become compromised or your belongings destroyed. 

Investigate the exact location of the mold with our Meridian Environmental Services Inc. professional mold removal by me services. This allows us to find exactly where mold is coming from before beginning the mold remediation services. Nearby mold removal services pinpoint all sources of mold and mold growth patterns. 

Conduct air quality testing throughout the home and areas of concern to determine where mold spores are present in the air before mold remediation and nearby mold removal. 

Remove and remediate the mold source through non-hazardous or organic product treatment or physically removing the affected area. Treatments for mold may differ depending on the mold removal nearby needs of particular properties. 

Perform final testing via 3rd party to ensure we at Meridian Environmental Services Inc. know everything there is to know about the mold spores, growth, and presence. 

We utilize natural mold remediation products created by Benefect to safely and effectively remove mold growth.

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What Our Client Saying...

Patricia G.

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Three cheers for Meridian Environmental Services out of Toms River, NJ. Especially to Chris Delucca, Senior Project Manager and Owner, for all his help in the replacement of my faulty driveway. This is a TOP shelf company, who stands behind their work. I cannot say enough good things about this company and I highly recommend them should anyone need their services. We hear so many things about being ripped off… So here’s a compliment for the good guys.

Harvey Y.

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During the past several months your company, Meridian Environmental, has performed services for our client, Saturn of Toms River. As I am sure you are aware, this was a difficult time for our client since we were under contract to close title to the property as quickly as possible with AAA. The service which you and your company provided were invaluable. We appreciate your efforts and that of your company to perform all of the services required including the testing of the various wells in an expeditious manner. Your negotiations with the NJDEP went far beyond that which was anticipated in our client’s contract with you.

Charles F.

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"The professionalism and expertise of the Meridian Employees was exceptional. To say it wasn’t an easy job is an understatement. They never missed an opportunity to ensure us that regardless how things looked, everything would be okay and it was from “start to finish”. A very hard working crew!"

Linda D.

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"The work done by Meridian Environmental Services Inc. is unsurpassable. A Year ago, I had a huge hole in my property… today you would never know they had been there. From start to finish, everything was done in a carefule, professional manner."