Our Soil Testing, Oil Tank Removal, And Mold Remediation Services

Tank Services

Detection and removal of both underground and above ground oil storage tanks. Oil tank removal in New Jersey ensures existing oil tanks do not experience leaking.

Soil Testing Services

Comprehensive testing of soil around oil storage tanks to find possible leaks. Meridian soil testing services may catch leaks before they may lead to an environmental concern.

Remediation Services

Meridian’s site remediation services remove contaminated soil due to leaking storage tanks. Mold remediation services ensures that a mold presence does not spread throughout the property.

Commercial Environmental
We work with numerous LSRPs to facilitate remediation of commercial sites. Mold and soil remediation ensure peace of mind throughout your property.
Groundwater Remediation

After the completion of an initial survey and a thorough soil testing and analysis, heating oil leaks may be discovered causing you to require groundwater treatment.

Mold Remediation Services

Meridian performs an in-depth property inspection for mold before any mold removal. This inspection process prior to the removal of mold may include air quality testing, wipe and swab sampling.

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